Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ask Pinhas

9 Shevat 5766

Pinhas Wallerstein

Head of Binyamin Council
Member of the self-appointed YeSh"A Council -- (Where do its salaries come from?)

...was the only one requiring a body guard at the recent YeSh"A Council organized demonstration. I wonder why? Not even Members of K'nesset brought [highly visible] body guards.

...whose people were trying to keep the "fanatics" away from the IDF equipment. Why? And why are God-fearing, Torah-passionate Jews referred to as fanatics?

...whose mamlachti followers got hurt because they listened to people like him. They keep getting hurt, yet they continue to listen. Why?

...whose address and phone numbers are:

Rehov HaSela 3, Ofra 02-9973179, 02-9975886, 054-5210200

If we REALLY lived in a democracy, then voicing your opinions [and outrage] to your public officials.

Let's see what happens when you ask Pinhas.


Also can be seen as "Amona Aftermath" on:Jewish Indy: Amona Aftermath


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