Thursday, February 09, 2006

Response to "Crazy Settler"

11 Shevat 5766

Yeah, this is a bit late in responding. But, while browsing through Arutz 7 Opinion Pieces, I could not ignore the following jab against my fellow, Torah-observant Jews, slaving away, to provide for their families and to protect their homes from the Yishma'eli enemy, all in the face of pressures from the anti-Torah, Israeli battling government:

Arutz 7 OpinionCrazy Settler
by Go'el Jasper
30 Adar 5765

"...But it's strange, because I don't feel like a crazy settler. I do believe there are crazy settlers. I just don't think I'm one of them. Nevertheless, I figured you would be interested to know what the average day of a crazy settler is like..."


Go'el, I cannot disagree with 99% percent of your narrative. You escritorily, and appropriately so, smacked the Jewish hypocite, stuck both physically, mentally, and spiritually in galuth (diaspora). But, one thing caught my attention: "...there are crazy settlers."

Do tell us, Go'el. What is your definition of a crazy settler?

Someone who builds his own home with his own hands?

A Jewish teenager who learns on a hilltop becasue the government's socialist indoctrination of the so-called "religious" educational system isn't appropriate for him?

Someone who doesn't care about "public relations" [PR] with the leftists or with the goyim?

Or is it someone who puts Torah before the "laws" of this government of mostly kofrim (deniers of Torah)?

Gee, I guess that makes me a "crazy settler."

Quite frankly, if we all acted even "crazier," I'll bet we'd be more successful getting the governement to leave us alone, and to give us whatever else we wanted.

After all, look at the Yishma'elim (Arabs)....

Note: I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here. This is an old post of yours, a year old. You had also only been here for a year at the time. Perhaps your tune has changed?

Has it?


See the comments for a bit of a dialogue with Go'el Jasper, as well as some additional clarifications.

Go'el is a talk show host onArutz 7 Radio

Aviner On Amona

11 Shevat 5766

Aviner is at it again!

Earlier this week, Shlomo Aviner, otherwise known as the RaSh"A* of Beth El was heard on the French language radio news admonishing all those who threw rocks at police in Amona. Yet, no word was mentioned whatsoever about the abuses and unprovoked attacks of the police against those engaging in civil disobedience, to which various news reports, left, right, and center, have already testified.

There were many "mamlachtim" there at Amona, many of whom decided that they would leave without a fight As many news reports show, none of them had a change.

How can people still call this man "Rav?"

So, tell me, my dear Mamlachti brothers,...and it's becoming increasingly difficult for me to refer to you with that term, where is the Hallachic (Jewish legal) source that says it was wrong for the protestors to defend Jewish homes and land from these violations and trespasses?

Oh,...that's right. You people don't care about Hallachah. You just don't like stiroth (contradictions) between the Torah and Israeli pseudo-law, so you go out of your way to reconcile them, all costs,...even if it means (God forbid) compromising God's Torah and misswoth.

How can you call yourselves Jews?

Wake up, before it's too late! You have been led astray by the Aviners and the Lichtensteins of the State.

Torah Law takes precedence over the laws enacted by men.

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it!


*It's not my problem if you cannot differentiate between an alef and ayin...

For more factual information about Shlomo Aviner's defiance of the Hallachic ruling of the Gedolei HaDor, go to It is currently only in Hebrew. An English translation will be built soon.


Also can be seen as "Amona Aftermath" on:Jewish Indy: Amona Aftermath

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ask Pinhas

9 Shevat 5766

Pinhas Wallerstein

Head of Binyamin Council
Member of the self-appointed YeSh"A Council -- (Where do its salaries come from?)

...was the only one requiring a body guard at the recent YeSh"A Council organized demonstration. I wonder why? Not even Members of K'nesset brought [highly visible] body guards.

...whose people were trying to keep the "fanatics" away from the IDF equipment. Why? And why are God-fearing, Torah-passionate Jews referred to as fanatics?

...whose mamlachti followers got hurt because they listened to people like him. They keep getting hurt, yet they continue to listen. Why?

...whose address and phone numbers are:

Rehov HaSela 3, Ofra 02-9973179, 02-9975886, 054-5210200

If we REALLY lived in a democracy, then voicing your opinions [and outrage] to your public officials.

Let's see what happens when you ask Pinhas.


Also can be seen as "Amona Aftermath" on:Jewish Indy: Amona Aftermath