Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Cosequences Of Mamlachtiyuth

11 Teveth 5766

The following was written as a comment to the
news report --

"IDF Attempts to Destroy Homes in Gush Etzion 'Settlement Bloc,'" 12:54 Jan 11, '06 / 11 Tevet 5766 by Ezra HaLevi:

I assume that the residents of Sde. Bo'az are good and hard-working Jews. Avodah Ivrith gets them points in my book. Unfortunately, most residents of Gush Etzion are "mamlachtim," Jews who don't like to deal with "stiroth" between the gov't and the Torah. They are OFTEN willing to make pil-pul type Torah compromises in order to rid themselves of the "stiroth."

When will you mamlachtim start putting Torah first? When YOUR homes are threatened? I hope it never comes that.

Stop listening to the likes of Lichtenstein, Melchior, and yes your precious little, popular, Shlomo Aviner, who casually blows off the p'saq din against him by Gedolei HaDor, and you MAY have a chance.

Get a real rav.


For more factual information about Shlomo Aviner's defiance of the Hallachic ruling of the Gedolei HaDor, go to It is currently only in Hebrew. An English translation will be built soon.


At 13 January, 2006 02:27, Anonymous Aryeh Zelasko said...

It is an old problem and more or less started with the Golden Calf. Jews seem to always be looking for an easier god to serve. Serving the State can be very rewarding both psychologically and financially. Serving the Creator is hard work and more often than not requires sacrifice rather than profit.

At 18 February, 2006 18:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To assume Sde Boaz is mamlachti due to its location in Gush Etzion may be a bit presumptuous and fall into some serious motzei shem ra issues, my friend. After all, Sde Boaz was the first determined struggle and they had 12 hours to prepare for it. Maybe visit the place and find out more - in the meantime, feel free to revise your post.

At 21 February, 2006 17:58, Blogger Yonathan Ya'aqobi said... first I was a bit frustrated because either you didn't understand my post, or because I was not clear. Then I realized that, according to your expressed concern about possible hossa'ath shem ra'*, you considered being a mamlachti to be something negative. So, I was intrigued. You also did not take the oppotunity to criticize anything in my post more contraversial, like putting down particular religious leaders.

So, unless you were holding back, or you wanted to keep the focus on one thing that concerned you about my post, then it sounds like we agree more than we disagree.

I can now see how the second paragraph may have led you to believe that I was stating something negative about Sde Bo'az. I cannot think of how to modify it at the moment, but will try to take care of that as soon as I can.

Actually, someone recently recommended Sde Bo'az to my Avodah Ivrith blog site. After clarifying what was meant by "religiously tollerant," which is so often used as a euphemism for k'firah, apikorsuth, and the like, I have decided to list Sde Bo'az on the blog,...soon. In other words, I was satisfied with the yishuv's particular idea of "religious tollerance." It sounds like an interesting community, and I hope to learn more about it.

I hope you see this. I can't be sure that you will, as you didn't leave an e-mail address.
* Hossa'ath Shem Ra' = false information, slander


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