Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Real Rabin

13 Marheshwan 5766

The Real Rabin

The Israeli government and numerous Jewish organizations have spent millions of sheqqels in order to comemorate the 10th anniversary of Yisshaq Rabin's YSh"W departure from this world.

It's a shame that all of these funds -- which could have bought food for countless hungry Jews, as well as winter coats and blankets for the wandering, homeless Jews, formerly of Azza (Gaza) -- didn't at least go toward publicizing the truth about Yisshaq Rabin YSh"W.

Instead, money -- which could have paid the salaries of several of the 2,500 Israeli teachers who were laid off this year -- was wasted on the publicity for one of the biggest pack of lies publicized in Israeli history: The Life of Yisshaq Rabin YSh"W.

Why is it that The Real Rabin is being hidden from the Jewish People? From the rest of the world?

Yisshaq Rabin YSh"W ordered men of the Haganah under his command to shoot at the 13 surrendering Jews, the surrendering Holocaust survivors, desparately jumping off of the ship the Alta Lena, after attempting to smuggle weapons into Israel to aid their fellow Jews in their struggle for independence and self-determination.*

Rabin started the suicidal Oslo War.

Weapons were presented to the Palestinian Authority [PA] because of Rabin YSh"W, weapons which were and are used to kill Jews,...Shimon Peres's YSh"W false statement that Jews were being killed by bombs not guns, not withsatnding.

Jews were prevented from entering their, already purchased homes, because of Rabin YSh"W and his cow-towing to the goyim (non-Jewish entities).

The destruction of everything Torah in Israel began to skyrocket exponentially because of Rabin YSh"W.

The destruction of Israel (May God forbid) is on the fast track because of Rabin YSh"W, and not by the hands of Arabs, but by the hands of the un-Jews, the Erev Rav, descendants of the "mixed multitude" of false converts who came out of Egypt with B'nei Yisra'el. They have been causing us problems and trying to destroy everything related to Torah ever since then.

Rabin YSh"W was their king,...whether a puppet of Peres YSh"W or not, he was still their king.

This is The Real Rabin.

*From 'Unwitting Enemies' of the Jewish State by Emmanuel Winston, 26 Siwan 5761


At 02 January, 2006 16:51, Anonymous Kahaneloyalist said...

you are so right. May Hashem open the eyes of all of Benie Yisrael to the Truth.


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